this image shows towing services in New Britain, CT

New Britain Towing Company has garnered a robust reputation as a dependable towing services provider in the tri-county area, boasting over two decades of experience. Our company is dedicated to providing 24/7 roadside assistance for all types of vehicles, comprising winching, jump-starts, and towing, ensuring swift help is always within reach. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and we are resolute in delivering prompt and efficient aid to our esteemed clients.

In addition to our towing services, we provide a vast array of roadside assistance solutions, such as lockout services and fuel delivery, using cutting-edge equipment to assure the safety of your vehicle. Our team of professionals is committed to rendering reliable and cost-effective services customized to your specific needs. You can rely on us to provide expert and trustworthy assistance whenever you require it.

Assuredly, New Britain Towing Company is your trusted ally for all your towing and roadside assistance requirements in Hartford County. Leveraging our extensive experience, we strive to provide exceptional services that surpass your expectations. You can trust us to offer reliable and efficient assistance in any roadside emergency. Dial (860) 362-3822 now!

Emergency Roadside Service No Matter What The Time Of Day

Count on the New Britain Towing Company for prompt and reliable 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Our drivers exhibit professionalism, treating your vehicle with the utmost care and respect to ensure its safety. We recognize the significance of your vehicle and make it a priority to promptly get you back on the road.

Not only do our drivers possess the expertise, but they also exhibit a friendly disposition, assisting with positivity and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We strive to surpass your expectations for towing and roadside support. Regardless of the time of day or your location, we are always ready to assist you, and distance or time won’t deter us from providing the help you require. If you need help while on the road, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Mission

New Britain Towing Company is steadfastly devoted to providing trustworthy and proficient towing and roadside assistance solutions to inhabitants in the New Britain vicinity. Our primary focus is to render swift and efficient service. Our squad of cordial and well-informed drivers is relentless in their endeavor to produce a favorable encounter for every client.

Our Vision

New Britain Towing Company aims to position itself as the preeminent towing and roadside assistance provider for Connecticut motorists. We are constantly striving to enhance and refine our services through the incorporation of the latest technology and methodologies, resulting in the delivery of superior service to our clients at all hours.

Our Team Loves The Community

New Britain Towing Company is committed to delivering courteous and experienced professionals who will dispatch a driver to your location promptly, without any unnecessary questioning, negative remarks, or reluctance to assist. Our phone lines are staffed with friendly individuals who are always eager to help. Furthermore, we take pride in our highly trained drivers, who are the most knowledgeable and skilled in the industry.

We place a strong emphasis on handling your vehicle with the utmost care to avoid any rough treatment or damage. Our unwavering commitment is to provide dependable and professional towing and roadside assistance services consistently. Our team ensures a positive experience for every customer we serve.

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Heading

We started a long time ago with nothing more than one truck, one driver, and one purpose: to help stranded motorists get off the side of the road and back home. That may sound a bit strange, but all those years ago, our driver knew just how it felt to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a disabled vehicle.

New Britain Towing Company is continuously striving to improve and maintain its leading position in the industry. From its humble beginnings with a single green truck, it has expanded its fleet to cater to any emergency, whether it’s jump-starts, fuel delivery, or towing, all thanks to its experienced team.

As a reputable and trusted provider of towing and roadside assistance services, we are always eager to help our community when they run into road trouble. Our commitment to delivering swift, efficient, and professional service has earned us the trust of our customers, making us their preferred choice for roadside assistance across three counties.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional service to our customers. We continuously strive to enhance our services and exceed our customer’s expectations. When in need of a reliable towing company, look no further than New Britain Towing Company. Our commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional service sets us apart, and we assure you of the utmost care and support whenever you need us.

Contact New Britain Towing Company at (860) 362-3822!

this image shows towing services in New Britain, CT